Thank you for taking the time to email me. However, there are some commonly asked questions that you might be able to resolve right now before you email me.

If you're writing to me because you didn't see a particular breed listed, did you try the search engine? I list many off site web pages relating to dogs so quite often there is information about a breed available even if I don't have any myself.

Here's the search engine:

If you're going to complain that I don't offer information on a particular breed, please don't write unless you are prepared to volunteer to write it up. I have pretty much written up all that I know of the breeds familiar to me, and for those that I don't know as well, I much prefer having an experienced person write them up. Please see this page first.

If you have a medical question, please direct your question to VETMED. This is an excellent collection of folks, whose combined knowledge and experience is far greater than that of any individual and who would be more likely able to help you than I. You can reach VETMED by sending email to with nothing (or anything) in the subject line and SUBSCRIBE VETMED yourname where you replace yourname as appropriate, for example I'd send SUBSCRIBE VETMED Cindy Moore. As with any advice on the Internet, view all suggestions with due caution. If you are experiencing an immediate emergency...don't fool around with the computer, go see a real vet.

I appreciate comments, feedback, suggestions, constructive criticisms, etc. If you want to tell me of a broken link, please be as specific as possible -- there is a combined total of about 2000 links on all of these pages!

When you send me email you should get back an automatic response that recapitulates some of this. If you do not get it, you may not have reached me. Be sure you are not using "anti-spam" to mangle your return address. I promise not to spam you if you email me.

Email me at

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