About These Dog FAQs

Please note: I have resurrected these pages after a six year hiatus. At the moment, these pages are presented as a sort of a "flashback". However, much if not all of the contact information should be presumed out of date and used with caution. I will be going through and at least removing such information as my time permits.

Some ideas I have at this point include adding a forum on this site and perhaps converting this into a multi-user Wiki project. More details to follow.

It's important to recognize that these faqs were developed through the 90's at a time when the Web was in its infancy and web space and know-how were extremely limited. In addition, good search engines were not readily available, so the original k9web site was a well-known one-stop-shop for a considerable amount of information, and generated gigabytes of bandwidth back then -- an unheard of amount of traffic for its day. In fact, that traffic is what shut it down -- the price of such bandwidth was astronomical back then, and when I lost my (very generous) hosts, I could not afford to host it myself.

When I started up my own website for other projects, I realized it gave me enough bandwidth to spare for k9web.com. Do note that the bandwidth is throttled -- I have no intention of suddently facing more bandwidth bills or having my other projects squeezed out. However, I honestly don't think it will be a problem.

Please do drop me a note, though. I'd love to hear from you, especially if I knew you from the old rec.pets.dogs days.

Cindy, May 19, 2006

I write and maintain these FAQ pages as a service to the public. Most of them are gathered from information disseminated on Usenet, and where possible I have checked with knowledgeable people to ensure the accuracy or relevance of the material. I have been collecting, checking and refining this information since early 1992. While this material is all copyrighted by myself or others, it is available free of charge to all interested for their personal use.

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I have made every reasonable effort to keep the information at this site accurate and up to date, but I do rely on my readers to help me out -- so any feedback is greatly appreciated!

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